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Our Services

e4e6 Consulting is consultancy and interim management company fully dedicated to healthcare. e4e6 offers a variety of services to Medtech, Healthtech, Biotech, Investors and Pharma / Medical Devices mature companies.

In needs for support for fundraising or partnering activities (In or Out licening)...

In need for support on strategic questions such as:

  • Indication / Opportunity Prioritization

  • Gap Assessment

  • Portfolio assessement & Prioritisation

  • Internal Capabilities assessment

  • Affiliate / units set up: Opitons Evaluation & Implementation

Trying to better understand the power of your asset, what it is? What is should be or what it can be?

Trying to figure out what your options are when willing to enter new geographies especially when willing to Enter Europe, a market with 30+ countries and almost as many languages and regulations....

In order to support companies, e4e6 Consulting is a member or the "institut MX" giving access to a validated methology and a network of experts.

Struggling with payer value, potential price or reimbursement list registration, ...


Relying on a network on genuine local experts in all big EU countries and in the US, e4e6 consulting can help you assessing the coverage and reimbursement pathway and options for your drug or your device. 

Just want to know more about what e4e6 consulting can do for you

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