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Who we Are

Created in 2012, e4e6 Consulting is a consultancy dedicated to healthcare and life sciences companies. It is located in France close to the Swiss boarder (Basel).


e4e6 Consulting provides its clients unique insider experience in various worlds (Big Pharma & Medtech, Start-ups, Investors, Consulting & Services....) bringing strong and rigourous analytical thinking  but also fostering better understanding of "the other side view"

e4e6 Consulting is MX Certified to provide internationalization support to SMEs (Diagnostic, strategy, Implementation)

Given its network of partners, e4e6 Consulting can integrate various expertises in its projects: Market Access, Regulatory, Clinical, Pre-Clinical.

e4e6 Consulting also offers its clients a great flexibility in terms of project fees and working modes.


This June 2022, e4e6 Consulting is celebrating
10 years at the service of Biotech & Medtech Development
Thank you to all the clients who trusted us along these years!
Looking forward to 10 more years.....

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