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Early Marketing Insight

Whether it is for drugs or medical devices, marketing input is often needed at each stage of development but needs vary by stage. This can be applied to drugs or to markets

The quality & reliability of the various strategic elements continuously evolve from early assumption and ambitions to more precise and better educated specifications. 


Very early on, strategic decisions have to be taken to optimize the portfolio value and eventually create credibility and confidence with investors and partners. Two families of questions are the most frequent: Product Profile and Product prioritization in the portfolio (of products, investments...)

Hence, early marketing insight can be used for various purposes such as assessing the potential of a given possible indication for investment decision (internal or external) or confirm ideal TPP to guide R&D activities​

By providing the appropriate framework as well as by supporting the analysis, e4e6 Consulting can help clients such as academia and emerging companies improving their decision making process around these key questions


Example of Assigments

  • Assessed the oral vaccines market trends to help a French CMO determine the opportunity for investment into new technologies.

  • Performed for a drug delivery company a strategic overview of the oral drug delivery area.

  • In the context of a due diligence, assessed with KOLs (Europe and US) the minimun and optimal product profile for a preclinical drug in various possible indications

  • Ran US market investigations (market potential, market access…) for urology device on the behalf a Swiss medtech.

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