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Corporate Strategic Support

Regardless of their degree of maturity, companies are constantly looking into strategic questions.

Big mature companies often have full departement to deal with this but often enjoy having additional pair of hands or external unbiaised support

Small companies and start up have needs but, generally no resources to deal with these issues.


In these respects, it is important to find the right compromise between vision and unbiaised analysis. Based on experience, e4e6 consulting brings to its client rigorous insight in areas such as:

  • Indication / Opportunity Prioritization

  • Portfolio assessment & prioritisation

  • Internal capabilities assessment

  • Affiliate / units set up: Options Evaluation & Implementation


Example of Assignements:

  • Lead a 5-year strategic road mapping exercise for the French affiliate of a US mid-size pharma company.

  • In the context of commercial due diligences, run product commercial potential assessment various indications including Indication prioritization (Orphan disorder & Cardiology)

  • Assessed the oral vaccines market trends to help a French CMO determine the opportunity for investment into new technologies.

Case Study

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